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Jikiden Reiki Healing

Debbie CookMy name is Debbie Cook and I live in the small village of Bishops Sutton just outside Alresford in the beautiful county of Hampshire. Discovering Reiki has changed my life immeasurably for the better. I would love to share that discovery with you through my Jikiden Reiki treatments and Jikiden Reiki training courses. Reiki is not just a job for me it is a way of life.

My Reiki discovery

I first discovered Reiki because my partner was experiencing business burn out. Having spent 25 years in a high pressured business life, he was suffering from pneumonia and work-related exhaustion. I dragged this rather reluctant and skeptical man to a Reiki session in the hope of helping him to find a way to combat the stress & tiredness which was invading our life. He experienced immediate improvement after only one session, and further improvement with more sessions. We both chose to learn more about Reiki and so my healing journey began.

I believe that Reiki offers a refreshing way of life which is much needed in these modern times of high pressure and stress. Once I found the authenticity and simplicity that is Jikiden Reiki I knew I was in the right place.

My life now

I give Jikiden Reiki treatments, and run Jikiden Reiki Courses, in my specially designed studio at my home in Hampshire.  My clients and students describe my studio as a safe, haven of calm and a magical place of deep peace, where they love to come for Reiki.

The power of Reiki for me and for others was perhaps brought home to me most when my 28 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. Self treatment provided me with much needed calming strength at this most difficult of times of being a mother. It also enabled me to give my son the support that he really needed. I treated him daily which helped with pain relief and boosting his immunity during chemo therapy. I later trained him in Reiki too so that he could treat himself as part of his ongoing recovery plan. I am so pleased to say he is now back to being a fit and healthy young man again. I am driven to help others get through their most challenging of times by using the amazing power that Reiki provides us with.

I am passionate about sharing the skills I have with others so that you can help yourself and your loved ones too. My training courses make Reiki available to anyone to use on themselves, friends and family in just two days. This can be further built into a Reiki career if you wish, with more training and support.

A growing community

Since 2008, I have taught many students in Hampshire who are now using Jikiden Reiki for themselves and for others, many of whom started as treatment clients. I am very proud of our growing Jikiden community in Hampshire. Together we enjoy, and spread awareness of, the amazing benefits that Jikiden Reiki can bring. Will you join us?

Contact me today on 07809615778 to begin your discovery of Jikiden Reiki and how it can benefit you.